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Join the Curry Ridge Riders.....Call the Hotline in Anchorage 689-7669 and in the Valley 352-3669 for more information

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SnowTRAC Update
March 5, 2015

Anyone and everyone who can, should call in and demand that this money be reallocated to the snow trac process. This is the only self funded fee system in the state. It is a revenue neutral program that we fund out of our own registration money.

AS 28.39.020 authorized the Department of Administration/DMV to require and collect a snowmobile registration fee (~$220,000 annually). The statute does not state what the fee will go toward. Since statute’s inception the unwritten understanding was that DMV would transfer the fees generated under AS 28.39.020 to the Department of Natural Resources/Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation through an interagency agreement. It was understood that the division would establish a snowmobile advisory board (SnowTRAC) and funds received from DMV would be spent on trail grooming, as well as snowmobile educational and safety projects. The vehicle to make that transfers from DMV to Parks was a line in the Governor’s budget. This year, the Governor’s budget does not include this transfer, thus barring any changes the SnowTRAC board and programs are slated to end on July 1.

          Comment when the budget gets to the Senate side

          A.  Oral testimony – contact your Legislative Information Office to find out when those hearings are in Homer
           the LIOs office number is  235-7878
Or follow Senate Finance on-line at

           B. Written testimony – send at any time to the Senate Finance Committee; email to the co-chairs but address
            to the whole committee  

      (Eagle River)


Curry Ridge Lookout Click the Picture for more Info

Welcome to the Curry Ridge Riders Web site!

The Curry Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club is the club of the Petersville/South Denali area.  This area is generally North and West of Trapper Creek, Alaska, which is at Mile 115 of the Parks Highway.  Check out the photos of this great riding area.  If you have ridden here, you may be aware that our members are the ones developing, maintaining, marking, and grooming many of the trails.  We also work with the State and Mat-Su Borough to maintain our rights to the trails and lands in this area.  Please join our Club to help us continue our efforts.  Our membership fee is minimal, and your membership gives us a stronger voice when dealing with the State and Borough.  Read below for some good reasons to join.

You can click the link above for a membership form, or email us at and we will send you an application.

We will occasionally post upcoming CRR activities on this site, on our “Trail Notes” page, and you can check out our telephone “Hotlines” at 689-7669 in Anchorage, or 352-3669 in Mat-Su, for current activities.  We prefer to communicate important issues with members by email, so be sure to let us know yours.

Reasons to join a snowmobile club:

Even if it is not our club, it is important to join and support a snowmobile club.  Even if you are not interested in becoming involved in club activities or club rides, or don’t want to participate in all the hard work to keep our sport safe and free from outside intervention, you need to support these activities by joining a club, or clubs, that work in your riding area.  Your dues are needed, and the strength in numbers can not be overemphasized. 

Most snowmachiners are unaware of all the club’s activities, besides club rides.  There are all kinds of issues that only a few very active members work on almost full time - things that are important to us all.  Things like securing rights to trails, clearing and grooming, establishment of trailheads and parking areas, negotiating deals to get access across private and public property, fund raising activities, applying for grants to purchase and maintain grooming equipment, fuel, signs, and markers.  These few also attend all manner of meetings to protect our rights of access for all users, not just their members.  They do all this work for no pay, and usually no recognition.

You are Visitor


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